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Arts & Crafts Photo Lab

Advanced Services

Reprints and Enlargements

Your photos can also be reduced or enlarged to the perfect size to fit into your photo album or for displaying in a particular frame. Even if you don't have the negative for an old or favorite photo, you can produce high quality black & white or color prints from your original photo.

Zoom and Crop:

This removes certain unwanted areas in your photo by zooming in on your selected area and cropping the photo on screen so you can preview it, before going to print.

Red eye reduction:

We can remove those annoying red eyes which ruin your best photos, and print you perfect new copies.

Passport Photos

We can take your photo and have six to eight passport-size (depending on country), color prints ready for you while you wait.

These are ideal to use for passports, international driving licences, identity cards, bus/rail/ passes, visas and student cards.

Visit our Photo Processing Center to have your picture taken and processed

Photo manipulation & restoration

There is no need to let your memories fade, we can restore old and damaged photos to their former glory. Change your photos from colour to black and white, add special effects, turn your photo into a masterpiece.


NOTE:  Please be aware orders $50.00 or more must be paid prior to printing no exceptions. Please contact the store with name and invoice amount to arrange payment. Orders can still be placed anytime but no printing can occur until payment has been confirmed for oders exceeding $50.00 or multiple orders totaling or exceeding $50.00.

NOTE: This website has a minimum $4.00 order charge